A Mother’s Day Prayer

On this day

In celebration of love,

On a day to honour mothers,

Let us pray.


We pray for mothers who become grandmothers and great-grandmothers-

For knitting, sewing and shopping for baby clothes;

Cuddling and playing and then sending tired and cranky children home with their parents.

We pray with gratitude for grandmothers who bake cookies, cheer at

Grandchildren’s sports events, concerts and school plays and wear corsages at the grandchild’s wedding.

And we pray for grandmothers and aunts who assume the role of primary caregiver

To mother a child orphaned or abandoned and needing family and love.

We pray for mothers who ache in an empty house,

Missing grown and independent children away at school, travelling,

Working or in residence in a home of their own.

And we pray for mothers whose adult children have returned home

After job loss, marital problems, a health crisis.

We pray for mothers who welcome home the prodigal and for mothers

Whose adult children are not ready or not willing to launch away from home into a home of their own.

We pray for mothers who have lost a child-

Before birth, in childbirth, as an infant, child, youth or adult.

We pray for mothers everywhere whose child has left this world out of season.

We pray for comfort, good memories and for celebration of the child’s life before the abrupt interruption.

We pray for mothers who care for other people’s children – those who love many

And those who adopt or foster one, two or a few.

We pray for women who yearned but never gave birth

And for those who chose other ways to love and create in less-traditional nurturing roles.

We pray for those who gave love as a mother would to those blessed by that love.


We pray for fathers, sons and daughters who love the mothers in their lives-

Loved as they are – human and not perfect.

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