April Sketch-A-Day Challenge

April Fool’s Day and the biggest prank was by Mother Nature as I began the morning by scraping ice and snow off my windshield!!!  It was a very cold day to be outside sketching!  I had three good reasons to brave the weather: (1) this is the first day of my April sketch-a-day and I wanted to begin with an outdoors sketch; (2) today is the last day of my Easter holiday and sketching is my favourite way to spend holidays: and (3) I have started a new sketching project and the momentum carrying me forward is much stronger than a bit of frosty weather.  But, I only took off one of my winter gloves!

The project is a panorama view of downtown Galt in a 24-page accordion-folded sketchbook – Moleskin calls it a “Japanese sketchbook”.  My plan is to zigzag up and down the street of Galt with a continuous sketch.  I started a similar project several years ago (in a much smaller sketchbook) and I know from experience that it is better not to let the seasons change faster than the drawings progress.

One of my commitments as I begin this blog about my April sketch-a-day project was to select the “best” of my sketches from March.  I did not plan my criteria for selecting the sketch-a-day from March.  I have reviewed the 31 sketches – should I look at the comments and “likes” on Facebook or simply pick my own favourite?  Should I put greater weight for detail or colour?  Whatever the criteria (voting, technical proficiency or my personal preference), this sketch ranks very high on any calibration.  One day of sketching in the 24 panel-accordion-folded sketchbook .  I plan to continue the sketchbook throughout April.  Here’s hoping for 20 days of relatively fair weather!

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