Art Portfolio

Artist Statement

My paintings are whimsical, boldly colourful—slightly mischievous; not married to reality but quite divorced; living happily ever after.   Seeking to infuse my paintings with celebration and joy, I use black markers to draw people and urban scenes and then I boldly “colour outside the lines”.  I use Japanese papers and tissue and paint on the back of the paper and then the painted paper is fused to the canvas with matte gel medium.  Flaunting the rigor of technical rules, I sometimes plays with perspective, subject matter and emotional interpretation.  My technique and theme may seem as naïve as the pursuit of “happily ever after”; however, I believe that hope and laughter are key to a life and community where people thrive and find joy (even in times of adversity and challenge). My goal is to capture on canvas the illusive power of human resilience.  Paintings are mixed media using acrylics, marker and Japanese papers.