Integrating Art

There is a tremendous role for art in community development: people love to live in a place of beauty enhanced by sound and colours and enlivened by artists. Here are a couple of examples of organizations who are community developers with innovations for bringing art into the workplace.
Today I delivered three paintings to Cambridge Memorial Hospital. My paintings were selected after a Call to Artists in an “Art in the Hallways” project. To acknowledge and honour Board members at the end of tenure, the retiring Board member selects the art which is purchased and hung in the hospital as a thank you for the volunteer time and energy of the Board member. It is a true community collaboration to promote art, facilitate sales of art work, honour the dedication of the retiring board member and bring beauty to the hospital halls.
I am honoured and proud to be selected and am looking forward to seeing the art on the hospital walls. My art was also selected in 2014 because mine was art that would “make someone happy”. I hope that my art does add cheer and a bright note to a visitor, a patient or perhaps a staff of the hospital.
A couple of years ago, I was commissioned to paint The Bridges with the express agreement that the original painting would be copied. Later, I was invited to a retirement and was delighted to see a framed copy of my painting presented as a thank you gift.
What wonderful collaborative innovations for sharing local art and promoting local artists. It is potentially easy for folk to lose appreciation for the beauty of everyday urban scenes. Local artists can offer a new perspective and shake up the view!
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