Launching a New Home for My Art

The website address is the same but the set-up and appearance are revised. One of my goals is to use enhanced technology to better capture the colours of my paintings. I am also hoping to more accurately describe the spirit behind my art – the art of painting, sketching, storytelling and the art of graphic recording.

And so, I am launching my new website. There is poetry and beauty in the metaphor. I wait dockside and ready to launch on a voyage of discovery: navigating uncharted depths of imagination and creativity with sails set to cross the winds of changing times and new adventures.

I hope that the postings will capture the ambiance of colour and line in my paintings and also show the depths beneath. Will visitors be able to see beneath the collage to view the nautical charts, the street maps and sheets of music beneath the layers of paint and papers? Will social media capture the immediacy of graphic drawings that record community conversations about vision, values and debate?

I hope that my blogs will provide hospitality and welcome for my website. I remember my original goal. I want to share the conviction (and some step-by-step directions) that happily ever after is not the end of the story but a way of life.

In celebration and in joy, I will launch my new site to set sail on a voyage seeking beauty, appreciation and joy in everyday life!

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