Sketch-A-Day Challenge

I usually do at least one sketch a day, but often the sketch is a little cartoon in my journal, representing one of the events of the day.  For the month of March, I made the challenge more public –posting an album in Facebook.  It is not completely public as it is not on the open Art page but on a page reserved only for my “friends”.

I was successful in sketching more frequently.  I have posted 29 sketches and it is the 29th of March.  Some of the sketches are fun and a couple are detailed.  Most of the sketches were very quick and often the subject was selected with a minimum of searching:  two of the three window views in my condo; several self-portraits; new shoes and a new purse; and three giant popped kernels of popcorn.

Sketching is like every other skill – the more that I practice, the more easily and confidently I can sketch.  When I am on vacation, especially if I have travelled, I average about three sketches per day and the sketches after the third day are much more spontaneous and easily drawn.

I really should not need to post a sketch to create an incentive but, there were many days when it was the commitment to post that pulled me into a pen-in-hand position.  As March draws to a close, I have decided to raise the bar.   For the month of April, I will follow my sketch-a-day progress in my blog.  I am not so fearless as to believe that I will be able to both sketch and blog each day; however, I will post my April sketch-a-day album on my art page of Facebook (the one that is bookmarked from this web-site).  From time to time – hopefully once or twice each week – I will blog about the sketch-a-day project and post the favourite sketches from my April album.  Prior to the end of March, I will pick my favourite sketch a day for that month – another blog in the next two days!

Sketching is good for my art and skill development but it is also an activity which gives me incredible joy and satisfaction.  Nothing is easier to organize and few events are more likely to raise my happiness score on any given day than a chance to sketch.  Time with family and friends and work satisfaction all improve the happiness quotient but a sketch-a-day is a fairly simple way to warm my heart and keep a smile upon my face.

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