I started in March and now, I can accurately call this a habit:  I sketch every day.  I have been impressed with the impact that this habit has upon my artistic confidence, skill and composition.  Mostly, I have been successful in maintaining the standard of the Urban Sketchers – sketches are from what I see rather than photographs.  Sometimes my sketch-a-day project has been loosely interpreted as “average of a sketch a day” because there are days when I do a few sketches one day, post one and then, when the following day is a sketching-drought, post one from the previous day.

One of the important elements of living happily ever after is deciding how to apply self-created rules.  I try to follow the spirit rather than the letter of the rules and to practice self-care and forgiveness.  The goal of the sketch-a-day project is to keep me sketching regularly, both to maintain and improve my artistic skills and because sketching is a way for me to meditate, escape and self-soothe.  Therefore, by allowing a  little slack to double or triple up one day and then a day of grace on the next day I am bending my rule but still meeting my goals.

On the days of fine weather, I have become a “street sketcher” within the city centre of old Galt. In the month of April,  I put together a Moleskin Japanese accordion style sketchbook that started at Main Street, along Water and back to the area where I live.  I have started another sketchbook that is following some different streets in my hometown.  People stop and chat: sometimes telling me the history of the buildings that I am sketching; challenging me to sketch “all the way to Hespeler” (the northern end of Cambridge); or telling me about their own interest in buildings, art, photography.  I am enjoying my regular excursions to explore my city – both the buildings and the people!

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