StoryFusion: Urban Sketching & Storytelling

When I was first told that my proposal was successful and that I had been selected as the 2014 Artist in Residence for the Cambridge Centre for the Arts, I figured that I must be dreaming. At our first planning meeting, Sophie McCann, Arts Coordinator for CCA, said to me: “I am here to back you up and help your vision come to life”. That is a pretty exciting place to start!!!

Storytelling and Urban Sketching are two of my favourite passions. And, now a year of fusing the two!

The Fusion is a fusion of story-traditions: first, the traditional, oral tradition of the spoken story; and, secondly, the newly developing tradition of Urban Sketching. Storytelling is a tradition which predates the written word: long before ancient cultures recorded their sacred stories, the traditions of many of the world’s great and ancient religions were preserved in story. Myth, legend and family history have been shared, for centuries, by story. Modern derivatives of story, from printed word, novels, poetry, and also film and electronic recordings are rooted in the oral tradition. Storytelling is thriving in Canada and locally, with national story-telling organizations and conferences and a local, Waterloo-Region-based storytelling guild. Urban Sketching is both a noun and a verb. The term describes a recent global community of professional, amateur and beginning artists who gather and share sketches created in streets, markets and at gatherings to celebrate the urban culture around the globe. The term also describes the delightful practice of sketching and drawing urban scenes. There is an international movement with an electronic presence on the web, Facebook and by Flickr. There is a Waterloo organization dedicated to urban sketching: KW Urban Sketchers.

It has been a fantatic year. I continue to cherish and share the memories!

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